Health Movies & Presentations

Forks Over Knives  Forks Over Knives Official Trailer

What the Health   What the Health Official Trailer

Eating You Alive  Eating You Alive Official Trailer


Movies with Free Online Viewing:

The Marshall Plan

H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters (2018)

Plant Pure Nation Official YouTube Release

Vegan 2017 The Film

Vegan: Everyday Stories

Food Inc. Documentary

Top Secrets About Milk (Full documentary)

Health Presentations:

TED Talk:  How to Live to 100+ by Dan Buettner

Ted X–Blue Zones:  Lessons from People Who’ve Lived the Longest by Dr. Archelle Georgiou

TEDMED 2011 with Dan Buettner

Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof–Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Confessions of a Reformed Cardiologist A Plant Based Diet and Your Heart

World’s Top Nutrition Experts Explain Scientific Proven Benefits of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet